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I'm just a man, with a beard.
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24 y/o, Spanish living in London. Straight, . I <3 :
Motorcycles / 500 days of summer / Blonde and Redhaired Girls / Hardcore shows / Tattoo's / Derelict places / Paranormal stuff / Playing Drums and Acoustic guitar / Travelling / Beards / Melodic Hardcore / Freckles /
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My first serie of  GoT cards is done :D

Artwork made by Orpheelin.

Characters inspired by HBO TV series  and belong to G.R.R Martin.

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Se le posa una mariposa en la pata y no sabe que hacer


Se le posa una mariposa en la pata y no sabe que hacer

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Before and after shaving. [x]


Before and after shaving. [x]

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Our Cosmic Address

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Then and Now Photos of Abandoned Detroit School

this is eerie.

It’s so perfectly lined up

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