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I'm just a man, with a beard.
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24 y/o, Spanish living in London. Straight, . I <3 :
Motorcycles / 500 days of summer / Blonde and Redhaired Girls / Hardcore shows / Tattoo's / Derelict places / Paranormal stuff / Playing Drums and Acoustic guitar / Travelling / Beards / Melodic Hardcore / Freckles /
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What is the Multiverse, and why do we think it exists? 

[…] Our observable Universe caps out at about 92 billion light-years in diameter, less than a thousand times as large in all directions as our previous scale. It contains some 10^80 atoms, clumped together in maybe a trillion galaxies, each with typically hundreds of billions of stars. But one of the most remarkable things about the Big Bang is that all of this, some 13.8 billion years ago, was once contained in a very small region of space, a region much smaller than our Solar System is today!

The thing that you might immediately wonder is whether there’s more Universe beyond the part that’s observable to us today, and — if so — how far does it go on? And what does it look like? And what are the physical laws in that part of the Universe?

Based on our observations of everything we’ve been able to see, from stars to galaxies to the leftover glow from the Big Bang to the matter in intergalactic space, we can learn some amazing things.

Read the full article by Ethan Siegel

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By: Louise

By: Louise

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Uno se da cuenta después de un tiempo que fue bueno perder a ciertas personas.

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Revised Tube etiquette posters.

Yesssss, more of these excellent things.

generalized hatred for the public transportation experience 

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nigga started questioning life.after that.


nigga started questioning life.after that.

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